Cure Reactive Hypoglycemia – Eating Schedule

cure reactive hypoglycemiaSo if you haven’t caught on yet, what you eat and when you eat is the key to how you cure reactive hypoglycemia.—And it’s extremely important that you stay consistent with your diet if you want to successfully beat the annoying disorder.

First of course is what you eat. You want to eat foods that are low on the glycemic index as I mentioned in earlier blogs. These are foods that don’t elevate your blood sugar rapidly. These foods include oatmeal, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, brown rice, peanut butter, etc.—And you can always find great recipes on sites like Pinterest so that you don’t have to eat the same ol’ boring thing day after day. (Enough with the tuna! Ugh!)

Personally, I don’t mind eating the same ol’ thing, because everything I eat is pretty good and I know it will do me good throughout the day. I know exactly what to expect.—No crashes, no mood swings, no anxiety.

Next is to know when you should eat. This is also very important in how to cure reactive hypoglycemia naturally. In my earlier days, I learned this lesson the hard way. Basically, you never want to skip meals… EVER! Eat small meals and snacks every 2 to 3 hours apart. If you don’t, it will only lead to a drop in your blood sugar and lead to you craving junk.—And as I’ve written about, one bad choice can ruin the rest of your day. If you’re at work, that means running to the snack machine for some doughnuts or something that you know is not good for you.

So if you are busy and on the go, I always suggest carrying a shaker cup with protein powder in it, protein bars etc. Have healthy snacks literally everywhere… the console of your car, your desk drawers at work, your gym bag, etc. so that you never get caught without a healthy snack.

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